Terms & Conditions

Level 2 Reseller Principal

  1. The incentive is open to Abzorb mobile and fixed line Reseller Principals and their sales teams who opt-in to the incentive (‘the Participants’).
  2. Abzorb of Armytage Road, Brighouse, HD6 1QF is promoting the incentive called “Turn up the Base” (‘the Incentive’).
  3. The incentive will run from 1st January 2019 until 30th September 2019 (‘the Term’).
  4. During the Term, Participants will have an opportunity to take part in the incentive scheme to increase their wholesale revenues with Abzorb.
  5. There are two levels of the Incentive: Level 1 is for Reseller Sales People only and Level 2 is for Reseller Principals only.
  6. Participants must register to participate in the Incentive.
  7. When Participants register, they will be requested to provide the following information:
    • Full Name
    • Contact Telephone Number
    • Email Address
    • Name of Reseller Company they work for
    • Whether they are a Reseller Sales Person or a Reseller Principal
  8. Once registered, Participants will be granted access to an area of the Abzorb Portal where they can manage any members of their staff that they wish to grant access to Level 1 of the incentive.
  9. Orders placed on the Abzorb Portal by users that are opted into Level 1 of the Incentive will qualify to generate points during the incentive period.
  10. Level 2 Participants can also, optionally, grant access to allow Level 2 Participants to monitor their own points progress over the incentive period.
  11. Participants of Level 1 will be awarded points and, when applicable, bonus points against cumulative wholesale revenue totals on a monthly basis.
  12. The points value attributed to the wholesale billed revenues are added on a per month bases. The revenue and points table is as follows:
    Wholesale Monthly Revenue
  13. Throughout the incentive period, Abzorb may attribute bonus points to portfolio areas. Participants will be notified by email about which products will give bonus points and how long the bonus period will be.
  14. Participants will receive a monthly email which will direct them to the Yes website. Once there, they will be invited to enter their unique identity code and password. Once these details are successfully entered, they will then be able to vie
  15. w their points balance for Level 1.

Level 2 performance table example

Baseline Wholesale Revenue £2,500*

Billed Wholesale Revenue
January £3,000
February £4,500
March £5,000
April £5,500
May £5,500
June £5,500
July £7,000
August £7,500
September £8,500
Total Cumulative Revenue
*reseller’s Wholesale bill was £2500 at date of registration

  1. The total revenue for Level 2 Participants will be made up of the cumulative revenue balance of all Level 1 Participants who have registered for the incentive and work for the respective company of Level 2 Participants.
  2. If revenue has been generated by sales people working for Level 2 Participants, and those sales people are not registered in the incentive, then this revenue figure will not be counted.
  3. The Prize will be a group activity and will be attended by the ten winners in the Level 2 group.
  4. The winners will be the top ten Participants who have exceeded the eligible criteria by the highest amounts by 30th September 2019.
  5. Participants will be able to see how they are performing in the incentive on a monthly basis by entering their unique identity code and password on the Yes website.
  6. The Level 2 Participant prize is a trip to TBC, which will take place in October 2019. The prize will include: Flights; transfers to the resort; three nights’ bed and breakfast at a five star hotel; and all main meals. A variety of pre-arranged daytime and evening activities will be available for the winners to take part in. All other charges not expressly included in the Prize are the responsibility of the winners.
  7. Exact dates for the TBC trip will be confirmed on or before the 30th September 2019.
  8. Winners must hold a valid passport and will be responsible for all VISA and insurance arrangements.
  9. Abzorb will not be responsible for any delays, operational problems, brochure inaccuracies or other acts of default of the tour operator and/or airline.
  10. No cash alternative will be offered for the Prizes in Level 1 or Level 2 of the Incentive.
  11. The Prizes are subject to availability.
  12. The Judges’ decision is final and there is no right of appeal.
  13. Participants that do not comply in full with these terms and conditions may be disqualified.
  14. Abzorb reserves the right to substitute a Prize of equivalent or greater value if this is necessary for reasons beyond its control.
  15. Abzorb reserves the right to alter, amend or foreclose this Incentive without prior notice in the event that unforeseen circumstances make this unavoidable.